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Mohammed Nabi

BY Ahamed Anas

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When You Go To Wake-up To Say this Tua:


'Alhamthulilahillathi Ahyana Fahthama Amaathana Va ilaihin Nushoor'

Monday, 11 June 2012

The history of Panaikulam is known for the past 200 years only. Before that, there seems to be no recorded history. From the oral information collected from the old people and with the help of a will document written by one of the descendent in the family of first migrants, it is known that Tamil speaking Muslims migrated from adjacent parts of Ramanathapuram (e.g. Kothakottai, Udaichiyarvalasai) to a place with pond and lot of palm trees. They named it as Panai (meaning the palm tree) kulam (meaning the pond). This pond (now called as pugaloorani) served as the water source for the people and their cattle. Slowly the migrated population moved towards the inner parts of the village and established a mosque (now called as Jumma Mosque) for praying.


The migrations continued from the adjacent villages of Ramanathapuram and Panaikulam became a Muslim village. Some of the migrants used handlooms to weave the cloths and made business out of it.